Reflect on the ThemeCreate ArtBe Recognized

Choreograph a dance, produce a film, write a poem or story, compose a song, take a picture or create a piece of visual art and tell us your interpretation of the theme:

“Within Reach”

Reflections is a National PTA program to encourage children to participate in the arts for fun and recognition.  Students work independently to present their artistic interpretation of the theme.

*All children deserve opportunities to explore and be involved in the arts. The arts play a critical role in students’ success in school and beyond, enhancing their reading and language skills, mathematics skills, thinking skills, social skills, motivation to learn and positive school environment.

* The National PTA Reflections program is PTA’s cornerstone arts program. It offers students the opportunity to earn local, state and even national recognition for original artwork they create in response to a specific theme.

* Students who participate in the Reflections Program get an opportunity to explore the arts and culture, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills and recognize themselves as artists.

*This year’s entries should reflect upon and interpret the theme: “Within Reach”

*Families can support their children’s participation by creating time and space for students to work on their entries, providing encouragement and needed materials and volunteering to support the Reflections Program.

*Entries should represent students’ unique creativity—adults are welcome to encourage students but are asked not to assist in any way with their interpretation of the theme or artistic expression.

*Students with disabilities may receive special accommodations by entering the Special Artist Division

The categories for the Reflections competition are:

  • Visual Arts such as drawing, painting, and collage
  • Literature, including prose and poetry
  • Dance Choreography
  • Photography
  • Musical Composition
  • Film/Video
  • Special Artist

Participate by selecting one (or more) areas of interest and start creating!

Want to learn more about reflections?  Visit Reflections for Students here.

For Program Rules and Flyers, click here. Scroll down to the bottom of page to the For Students heading. You will find:

Student Entry Form
Official Rules of Entry
Special Artist Rules
Dance Choreography Rules
Film Production Rules
Literature Rules 
Musical Composition Rules 
Photography Rules
Visual Art Rules                        

Deadline:  Monday, October 16th

Awards Program and Ceremony will be held on at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15th.  All are welcome to attend!

Top 4 winning entries win a gift card to Michaels, I-Tunes, or Barnes and Noble!

Top 3 winning entries move on to be judged in the Howard County Reflections Program!

Questions? Contact:
Jennifer Donahoe:
Kelly Baumgartner:
Dara Packer: 

Good Luck!