2017-2018 PTA PARENT PACKET (All Forms)

2017_2018 PTA Cover Letter.pdf 2017_2018 PTA Cover Letter.pdf
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Type : pdf
Community_Partners_2017_2018.png Community_Partners_2017_2018.png
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Type : png
Store Rewards.pdf Store Rewards.pdf
Size : 82.852 Kb
Type : pdf

A Note from Home to School - Use this form when your child is absent, has early dismissal, late arrival, or a change in dismissal plans. 

notefromhometoschool.pdf notefromhometoschool.pdf
Size : 133.859 Kb
Type : pdf

2017-2018 Parent Volunteer Training Presentation and Certificate 

2017-2018 School Kit Supply List

School Supply 2017_2018_0.pdf School Supply 2017_2018_0.pdf
Size : 39.449 Kb
Type : pdf


2018-2018 PTA Disbursement Request Form

PTADisbursementRequest2017-2018.pdf PTADisbursementRequest2017-2018.pdf
Size : 291.972 Kb
Type : pdf

2017-2018 Waverly PTA Cash Tracking/Total Sales Form

2017-2018 MD PTA Cash Verification Form
2017_2018 MD PTA Cash Verification Form.pdf 2017_2018 MD PTA Cash Verification Form.pdf
Size : 107.291 Kb
Type : pdf

Fitness Fridays

If you are able to volunteer, please contact Dianne Interrante.